In accordance with current legislation, I also offer abstract, purely hand-made tattoos in my private studio in addition to my pictures on paper. Hygienically flawless, I develop abstract-näive works of art directly and freehand on your body (bodypaint) and then bring them under your skin if you wish.

As an artist, I come from the so-called Art Brut, the "raw art". For me, consciously dealing with pain is an essential part of this art.

I am an artist and not a service provider! I make art as it comes, because this is the only way to create the highest possible symbolic power for a tattoo and this is what original tattooing looks like.

Of course, you also have a say in terms of:

- the size, the body part, the choice of colors and the symbolism.

However, the motif itself is developed in a creative exchange on site.

So, feel free to come by for a non-binding meeting and a little bit of color on your skin by making an appointment in advance.

!!! Everyone who is interested will even unasked be advised about the risks of tattooing in general and asked beforehand about the physical and mental state - in case of doubt I reserve the right to cancel an appointment or generally refuse a tattoo. For me also applies: tattoos only from 20 !!!


Supporting Karree Eifel e.V.
Supporting Karree Eifel e.V.

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