In accordance with current legislation, I also offer abstract art and the chance to express it oneself. Hygienically flawless, we develop abstract, naive works of art directly and freehand on paper or your body (body paint) and then even bring them under your skin if you wish (body modification). A previous exchange with you helps as inspiration.

Bod Mod |  Body modification

In exceptional cases I prefer pain experiences to medical support. Setting a piercing or getting a tattoo done step by step without machine support can have a very positive effect, as long as this action is voluntary.

If you are interested, just come up to me, tell a little about yourself and then let's paint together.

!!! Everyone who is interested will even unasked be advised about the risks of tattooing in general and asked beforehand about the physical and mental state - in case of doubt I reserve the right to cancel an appointment or generally refuse a tattoo. For me also applies: tattoos only from 20 !!!


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