"Frei von Hand" is the name of our small, private and discreet studio. Here I offer free handpoked art in which hidden patterns are allowed to show themselves.

In Germany everything is always so accurate - everything is lined up and Made in Germany stands for perfection and consummation ... but life isn't like that!

"Spirituality is nothing other than the paths to knowledge, the core of all science."

In my work I want to show the already existing perfection and beauty of all of our rough edges - sometimes it takes a certain amount of pain to be able to recognize things better - in this sense I create knowledge with this type of tattooing. What happens to the corners and edges afterwards remains to be seen, but let's say: sometimes we have to provoke first to be able to decide what will happen next.

!!! Everyone who is interested will even unasked be advised about the risks of tattooing in general and asked beforehand about the physical and mental state - in case of doubt I reserve the right to cancel an appointment or generally refuse a tattoo. For me also applies: tattoos only from 20 !!!


Supporting Karree Eifel e.V.
Supporting Karree Eifel e.V.

Cosy little private studio


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