Art Brut, raw art, originally came from psychiatric institutions in the 20th century. Inmates created childish naive, "raw" works of art without any previous artistic training or knowledge, which, however, seemed to give them enormous strength.

Many concepts of modern art or body therapies are based on the subsequent interpretation and analysis of these works of art by therapists and art experts.

I found myself in the Art Brut, in the "Art of the Crazy". And what place would be better suited for such an expressive form of art than under the skin?

As with any other tattoo artist, you are welcome to express ideas and (color) wishes. But then I convert these freehand and directly on the skin into an abstract and naive-childlike art.


!!! Everyone who is interested will even unasked be advised about the risks of tattooing in general and asked beforehand about the physical and mental state - in case of doubt I reserve the right to cancel an appointment or generally refuse a tattoo. For me also applies: tattoos only from 20 !!!


Supporting Karree Eifel e.V.
Supporting Karree Eifel e.V.

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