Christian Buck


My name is Christian Buck. I was originally trained as a businessman and trainer in sports and healthcare. I was born in 1976 in the Hanseatic City of Bremen under the name Christian Grotheer. I am married today (my wife's last name) and have three sons.


My career is now as colorful as my skin: I trained as a communication trainer, mental trainer, systemic coach and consultant, business health coach, attended the Arcana alternative practitioner school and the Shiatsu school in Hamburg and finally studied psychology at the PFH Göttingen.


I am also trained in several languages, sports and self-defense and have now lived and worked in many places in Europe. My artistic side comes from the so-called Art Brut.


What I offer is actually more coaching than counseling, because in terms of content, in contrast to therapies, I primarily work as a teacher and proceed less individually. Nevertheless, I always adapt to the individual, emotional situation of people with compassion and understanding.

 Private little studio


Dorfstraße 24

D 27327 Marfeld

30km south of Bremen


+ mobile services all over

the area and beyond.


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