Body-art of movement

Our body is the connection between us and our environment. If this connection is not allowed to develop well or is too much cultivated, it is difficult to find balance in life.

I am Xris and for those who are looking for a constant flow like me, I developed "The Slow Move Experience". This artistic concept stands for a conscious experience of our senses and for finding a good feeling together.

"Never control life! Just follow and slow it down from time to time."


In life we don't always get clear and sincere answers to the questions we ask and are often pigeonholed early on... without sincerity and freedom, however, we become more susceptible to manipulation, self-sabotage and other forms of involuntary influence. Art can compensate for this lack of sincerity and freedom.


As a bodyworker I would like to give you the joy of physical experience through movements (back).

As an artisan I would like to take away the fear of pain and loss a little so that you can appreciate even the smallest artistic freedom more somehow.


"Sometimes my work is like carrot and stick, but the mindful movement between the extremes ensures balance and helps to see many things more relaxed."

In Bodywork you get to know yourself and your body better in a playful way.


Body-Art goes further under skin. When tattooing by hand, I offer a lot of creative freedom of interpretation through the medium of "lines".


You could say the people who come to me are ready to live in a creative way and with joy.

"In times when the majority are cocky, it is always subcultures that preserve and convey qualities in life."


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Stay Gold

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