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Natural coaching in a healthy way!

My name is Christian Buck and I am a freelance trainer and psychological coach of systems, that means I train and advise people with conflicts in private and professional relationships. In this role I am mainly teaching but not a therapist.

What we do in my sessions is called reframing. This is mainly about a change of perspective for the purpose of mental stabilization or the mediation of an alternative structural system for dealing with and overcoming problems or conflicts outside of therapeutic or medical interventions.


In the course of life, people make images of themselves and their environment. We can either create these images ourselves or the images of others determine who we are. Most of the psychological stress and communicative conflicts unfortunately arise precisely from the fact that we do not even know exactly what we are doing and why we are doing it!

Alternative perspectives can help - externally proposed images and bridges that allow us to contemplate things and to overcome them. Things that we could not tackle with our previous structures and attitudes.

Today, most people are still expecting of others and themselves what can be expected of a healthy person. But health also includes a healthy environment, healthy nutrients and a healthy past... who among us can still offer all that today?!


Reframing is structural work - analysis, consideration, change - to avoid that this work remains dry and theoretical, it should be faced with the help of playing fields and a natural approach.

Coaching is only real fun in a lively, creative and flexible way, for example by including art, movement and other "playing fields" as additional aids. 

That is why I say: always stay open to unusual paths!

(I take traumatic imprints seriously in my artistic work, but distance myself from therapeutic work both legally and in terms of content.)


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