Body-art of movement

My name is Xris and it honestly makes me so sad to experience so much imbalance in people almost every day, when people have the greatest gift for a healthy balance: emotional freedom.

With this gift, however, many seem overwhelmed and so they prefer to look for a fixed assignment in this world than to be able to move freely.

"The Slow Move Experiencedescribes my work as a "process-accompanying artist" in the southern Eifel. "For me, lifelike art is not just an expression, but above all a way of dealing with feelings."


Slow Move stands for "good things take time" - and it stands for staying flexible when emotions threaten to disturb us.

People often freeze or run away when faced with fear or they become arrogant to hide this fear. There is nothing wrong with that in general, but what if fear is just an immature feeling? A need that we cannot yet assign and satisfy? Then it would be more sustainable and meaningful to learn to be able to discover new things with a healthy mindfulness and interest instead, wouldn't it?

In my artistic work I take traumatic imprints seriously, but distance myself from any form of therapy, both legally and in terms of content.


Art is an expression of feelings. I offer artistic freedom and handicrafts "free hand". Above all, I offer the chance to actively deal with feelings without suppressing their origins.

When tattooing by hand, I offer more intuitive shapes and colors that are free-hand-based on energetic and organic processes.


In the art of movement, my aim is to create a space for current feelings. A space in which we can deal with the respective feelings together.


Primarily artistically oriented and interested people come to me who never restrain from striving for balance in life.

"The best art is created where people understand each other, not because one is a good artist or a bad one."


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