Psychological Coaching


What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Personally I see coaching as pedagogical work to strengthen healthy parts compared to therapeutic work that deals with diseased/damaged parts.


The classic, psychological consultation is basically passé today. However, the acute burdens in the healthcare system make other support necessary and so there is increasing psychoeducational and pedagogical work in addition to psychotherapy.


My name is Christian Buck. Today I work as a psychological specialist in an inpatient facility in the middle of Lower Saxony. In addition I support people in the region and beyond with psychological coaching and training.


I work in physio- and psychoeducation and have specialized in offerings to educate and promote physical, cognitive and social skills.

I impart knowledge and methods for self-regulation and promotion of individual areas of life, such as: physical and emotional well-being, concentration, social behavior, but also nutrition, self-care or self-efficacy. I also support physical and psychotherapeutic work.

With my offer, however, I clearly differentiate myself from the so-called healing professions - I promote order, healthy skills and qualities, but do not work with diseased areas. I also distance myself from any form of manipulative or "reprogramming" work.


I work with all people over the age of 18 or over 14 with the appropriate written consent of the legal guardians. When it comes to issues for younger people, I am happy to support you in a family-systemic way.

Are you a single parent or can't find someone to look after your children during your appointments? Children and young people are still in a dependent relationship and are always part of the family system, which is why I advocate participation in systemically relevant work.

All forms of family systems and couples are always WELCOME in my rooms!


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