Body-art of movement


My name is Xris and I experience so much balance in nature and so much imbalance in people almost every day, but " cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves." - Abraham Lincoln - Man isn't wrong, but he first needs the space to be able to see why.


"The Slow Move Experience" describes my work as an artist in the beautiful southern Eifel. The effect of living art goes beyond a good impression and creates a feeling of balance at best - a condition that we all should seek and experience again and again throughout our lives.


In order to be able to find balance in life again and again I think there are three elementary things required: emotional adequacy, scope for occasional unreasonable experiences and a healthy amount of exchange with the environment. A healthy human culture (manners) arises from a mixture of art and nature.

If we are forced to be "reasonable" too often, is there a lack of honesty or if we do not receive adequate attention, our needs become disproportionately large or small. What we then do for satisfaction, unfortunately, often harms us or our environment.

With my art I therefore advocate a conscious and balanced lifestyle.

I take traumatic imprints seriously in this context, but distance myself from any form of therapy, both legally and in terms of content.


Art is an expression of feelings - whether it is manifested in a work of art or still alive through movements - and in my work I try to convey a healthy handling of feelings without suppressing the original feeling.

When tattooing by hand, I tend to offer undefined shapes and colors, so that a tattoo can represent more of an orientation for old feelings than a fixed imprint.

In the art of movement, my primary aim is to create a space for the feelings of everyday life. I only point out healthy boundaries, but do not correct the behavior.


Empaths, bon vivants, soldiers of fortune and those who want to become one come to me.
I get along less well with people who are not ready to take responsibility for their own lives and their feelings.

"In times when the majority are cocky, it is always subcultures that preserve and convey qualities in life."


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