Body-art of movement

My artist name is Xris and I work professionally in the social and health sector in the southern Eifel.

In addition, I am primarily a body artistBody-art is a concept that in the commercial sector tends to shock and arouse by trying to reveal our imprints, our acquired social but also family roles in an abstract and dramatic way.

These social and family influences are none of my business, because I don't make art for an audience or the "masses", I make art for you. 


I offer art for people who are repeatedly forced to take on responsibility - people who are ready to go to their limits for their environment, people who are ready to see and act accordingly.

For these people, the so-called Art Brut offers the unique opportunity to preserve a piece of childhood from which they can draw strength to carry on. Most people today only play "adult", really adult people know how difficult this is.

A real piece of childhood, no matter how abstract it may look, is the key to true greatness. That is why I see it as my duty to discover these gabs in my artistic work and to help preserve them.


Regardless of whether it's bodywork or handpoke tattooing, I prefer a childlike, naive and interested approach while respecting the roles that we are so often forced to play.

When tattooing by hand (also called handpoke), I offer a free, handmade form of Art Brut, which leads to meaningful forms.

In bodywork, the best inputs are created through trusting cooperation, motivation and fair play.

Whichever path you choose, my art is intended solely for you and for no one else.
Where there's nothing wrong, I don't have to fix a thing.

(I take traumatic imprints seriously in my artistic work, but distance myself from therapeutic work both legally and in terms of content.)


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Supporting Karree Eifel e.V.

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