Body-art of movement

My artist name is Xris and I work professionally in the social and health sector in the southern Eifel.


In addition, I am primarily a body artistBody-art is a concept that in the commercial sector tends to shock and arouse by trying to expose our imprints, our acquired social but also family roles in an abstract and dramatic way.


I am in favor of liberation, but I do not believe in exposure.  For me, body art is a conscious way of dealing with pain and feelings in order to find more quality in life.


"It is wrong to believe that the ego needs to be destroyed. The real problem is not that the ego exists, but that it has become our identity rather than a healthy function."

Shai Tubali

I primarily offer art for people who want to grow beyond their imprint. But even if you just want to feel well and be safely treated and you are happy with the result afterwards, I am happy, too, that I was able to help in that regard.

You need both in life: times to be able to develop but also times to be able to recover from development.


Regardless of whether it is bodywork or the traditional "handpoke" tattooing, I prefer a childlike, näive and interested approach while at the same time respecting the roles that we are so often forced to play.


When tattooing by hand, I primarily work abstractly and freehand. Abstractions have the strongest symbolic power and the slight pain in handpoking stimulates positively.


In bodyworkwe have the chance to find more quality in life without having to go too much into our impressions.

(I take traumatic imprints seriously in my artistic work, but distance myself from therapeutic work both legally and in terms of content.)


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Supporting Karree Eifel e.V.

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