Body-art of movement

My artist name is Xris and I work professionally in the social and health sector in the southern Eifel.

In addition, I am primarily a body artistBody-art is a concept that in the commercial sector tends to shock and arouse by trying to reveal our imprints, our acquired social but also family roles in an abstract and dramatic way.

"The Slow Move Experience" ignores these imprints and patterns and and only follows natural laws; back to a nature-loving humanity.


From birth, I am less of a social person, but I am very close to nature. Just "depicting" something and being compliant was never enough for me - I always wanted to understand.

And now I understand... among other things, the need for a social component so that good deeds get through somewhere.

I deeply believe in an inseparable connection between man and nature and thus in a mutual benefit when both sides approach each other in a healthy way.

Our nature-loving raw side is simply part of life and, in my experience, it's not as raw as most people think - it only behaves raw when injured. In a healthy state, it separates the wheat from the chaff, keeps us on the ground and frees and protects us again and again from illusions and misconceptions, which unfortunately tend to increase in an isolated social-digital world.


Art is mostly an expression of internal process. And so that this process does not lead astray, we need nature. In my work and with the help of natural techniques, I try to lead the released process energy back into its original path:

When tattooing by hand (called handpoke), I offer a form of freehand art that leads to spontaneous, experimental but above all meaningful forms.


My bodywork is based on Japanese Shiatsu. But meanwhile I combine body work and the art of movement to create a flowing collaboration.


I'm not a clairvoyant or a healer, I'm an artist! Everyone has to see and heal for himself. I can only say that we are the sum of our deeds and that in nature or with God there is no "punishment", only consequences.

(I take traumatic imprints seriously in my artistic work, but distance myself from therapeutic work both legally and in terms of content.)


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Supporting Karree Eifel e.V.

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